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Stephen was born and raised in Alaska.  He grew up in the roughneck town of Fairbanks, AK where he graduated from high school before leaving state to attend the University of Oklahoma.  Stephen received a Bachelors Degree in Criminology from OU in 2003 and was accepted to The University of Tulsa School of Law that summer.  Stephen graduated from the University of Tulsa with his Juris Doctorate in 2006.  Originally Stephen passed the bar in Washington State where he planned to practice but ended up moving back to Oklahoma in 2007 where he passed the Oklahoma bar examination and started the practice of law.


Stephen began his legal career as an Assistant Attorney General for the Muscogee (Creek) Nation and stayed in that role for approximately 18 months before he made the decision to open up his own law office.  In the beginning Stephen took a variety of cases including divorce, trusts and wills, civil litigation and obviously criminal cases.  About a year into his practice Stephen decided that he didn’t want to be alright in a bunch of areas of the the law, he wanted to be great at one.  Criminal law was always Stephen’s passion so he focused his practice on that single area of law.  10 years later criminal law is still the sole focus of Stephen’s practice. 


Although Stephen handles all types of criminal matters, both felony and misdemeanor, his main focus is major felonies including Murder, Rape and Robbery.  Stephen has handled over 20 murder cases in his career, including two death penalty cases.  Stephen’s blue collar upbringing gives him a unique perspective in criminal matters as well as a strong work ethic that results in him getting the best results for his clients.

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