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Trial by combat was a medieval method used to settle disputes. In trial by combat each side would hire a “champion” to fight to the death for their cause.  The winner at trial by combat was deemed to be the one with the just cause therefore his side was the righteous and true version of events.  Although we have put down the swords and daggers to settle disputes; make no mistake, trial by combat is still alive and well in the United State and its called the jury trial.  When you are charged with a violent crime a jury trial is literally a fight for your life and will determine whether the accused is put to death, imprisoned for the rest of there life or ultimately set free.

When you, or a loved one, are in a fight for your life you need a champion in your corner that will fight to the bitter end for your cause regardless of the consequences.  Too often defense attorneys are worried about what the prosecution or judges will think of them if they fight to hard and make them mad, this is not a real defense attorney and definitely not the attorney you want when your life is on the line.  Point blank, Mark J. Cagle and Stephen W. Lee are fighters who could care less about the opinion of others, the only thing they care about is the rights of there client. Mr. Cagle and Mr. Lee have dedicated their careers to defending people accused of the most serious crimes including Murder, Rape and Robbery which all carry up to life in prison and in the case of murder can carry the ultimate penalty of Death. 

In many cases the only way to settle a charge of Murder, Rape or Robbery, along with other violent felonies,  is through a jury trial, and that is where Mr. Cagle and Mr. Lee excel.  It is a common misconception that all attorneys are trial lawyers; that simply is not not true.  In fact, most attorneys in Oklahoma haver never seated a jury much less taken a case all the way to verdict in front of a jury.  Mr. Cagle and Mr. Lee are trial attorneys with numerous trials to their name.  This is what they do; try cases.  Having trial lawyers like Mr. Cagle and Mr. Lee in your corner when you are fighting for your life is priceless as their experience, reputation and aggressiveness can be the difference between life and death.

Mark Cagle and Stephen Lee have handled hundreds of major crimes cases including over 20 Murders, two of which the State was seeking the death penalty.  When you need a champion in your corner to fight for your life you can’t do better that Mark Cagle and Stephen Lee. Mr. Cagle and Mr. Lee never stop fighting for their client no matter the odds.

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