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Court Clerk:

Don Newberry


Courthouse Address:

500 S. Denver Ave

Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103


Hours of Operation: 8:30am to 5:00pm

Phone: (918) 596-5000

Fax: (918) 596-5402


Courthouse Parking

Paid Parking can be found at the underground garage which can be accessed from with 6th Street or 4th Street.  There is also paid on the corner of 6th and and Denver and between 4th on 5th street on the Eastside of Denver.  Unfortunately there is no free parking in downtown Tulsa. 











If you are charged with a crime in Tulsa County your first court appearance will be for an Initial Arraignment.  Initial Arraignments arraignments are set for 9:00 a.m. and are held in Room 173 which is located on the first floor of the court house in the Northwest corner of the building.  Judge Ludi-Leitch presides over the Arraignment Docket in Tulsa County. 













Special Judge Deborah Ludi-Leitch

500 S. Denver, Rm. 173

Tulsa, OK 74103



























If you have been charged with a misdemeanor your case will be set for jury trial sounding at 9:00 a.m. in front of Judge Youll  in Room 158.  Jury trial sounding is often the first time that you will receive a recommendation from the State and can decide whether to enter into a plea agreement with the state to resolve the matter, set the case for Motion hearing or set the matter for Jury trial. 












Special Judge David Youll

500 S. Denver, Rm. 158

Tulsa, OK 74103



If you have been charged with a Domestic Assault and Battery your case will be set for status in from of judge Cliff Smith in room 124.  The setting is similar to a jury trial sounding setting for other misdemeanor matters.  












Special Judge Cliff Smith

500 S. Denver, Rm. 158

Tulsa, OK 74103








If you have been charged with a felony crime your case will be set for a preliminary hearing at Initial Arraignment.  Preliminary hearings, for lack of a better term, are a mini trial in which the State must produce evidence to establish probable cause that a crime was committed and that the person charged was the one who committed the crime.  Preliminary hearings are held before either Judge Carter in Room 344 or Judge Keeley in Room 347.   













Special Judge Martha Rupp Carter Special Judge James Keeley

500 S. Denver, Rm. 344 500 S. Denver, Rm. 347

Tulsa, OK 74103 Tulsa, OK 74103

918-596-5394 918-596-5354

























If at preliminary hearing the Judge finds that the State has meet their burden then the Judge will bind over the case for District Court Arraignment. District Court Arraignments are held at either 9:00 a.m. or 9:30 a.m. depending on what judge they are set before. District Court Arraignment is the first setting where the accused will meet the Judge who would preside over the jury trial if one was necessary.  District Court Arraignment is the time when the accused decides whether to enter into an agreement with theState to resolve the issue or to set the case for trial.  Tulsa county has six Criminal District Court Judges.  












CF Docket A CF Docket B

Judge William Musseman Judge William LaFortune

500 S. Denver, Rm 501 500 S. Denver, Rm 408

Tulsa, OK 74103 Tulsa,OK 74103

918-596-5324 918-596-8606  












CF Docket C CF Docket D

Judge Kelly Greenough Judge Sharon Holmes

500 S. Denver, Rm 413 500 S. Denver, Rm. 401

Tulsa, OK 74103 Tulsa, OK 74103

918-596-8443 918-596-5200

















CF Docket E CF Docket F

Judge James Caputo Judge Doug Drummond

500 S. Denver, Rm 506 500 S. Denver, Rm. 406

Tulsa, OK 74103 Tulsa, OK 74103

918-596-5044 918-596-5360

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